INR 7000 INR 7999



Gender MEN'S RAIN COVER With rain cover VOLUME 50 L OPTIONS Easy Fit LEVEL OF PRACTICE BEGINNER Tests carried out by our Research and Development departments on the efficiency of the EasyFit system Ease of design: effective adjustment time 2.3 times shorter with the Easyfit backpack; and number of times you have to readjust = 0 for the Easyfit bag.Does not affect the quality of adjustment compared to a bag with standard adjustment: EasyFit was rated significantly more comfortable in the Friedmann statistical test, 4%; with 6 times as many backpacks correctly adjusted. Backpack technical tests. We make lab tests to validate the components:fabrics, buckles, straps, foams, zips, etc. For a fabric: resistance to abrasion and tearing, colour-fastness in UV light, resistance to washing, waterproofing, etc. Then, a test is conducted on the finished product replicating the accelerated demands on the backpack over a number of years to check the strength of the assemblies: the backpack is weighted, then placed on a dummy which reproduces the movement of fast walking over thousands of cycles.

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