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Gender MEN'S RAIN COVER With rain cover VOLUME 60 L OPTIONS Easy Fit LEVEL OF PRACTICE BEGINNER How do I pack my backpack? Put your bedding at the bottom. Place heavy equipment (tent, stove, food) near your back. Pack your clothes around these items. The groundsheet can be placed under the flap; the tent can be stored under the bag if there’s no space inside. Keep a waterproof jacket and fleece to hand. In the pockets, place small items for the day (sunscreen, map, glasses...). The water bladder should be placed in the specially designed compartment normally found along the back of the bag. The Easyfit system This patented system allows you to adjust your bag to best suit your body shape intuitively, in a single move, while wearing it: for maximum comfort. How do I adjust my Forclaz EasyFit bag? FIRST, LOOSEN all the straps (shoulder straps, belt, load adjuster straps). PUT ON THE BAG. PLACE THE BELT ON YOUR HIPS (it must encompass the pelvic bones) AND TIGHTEN IT. Then, pull the EasyFit TOGGLES, the strap block goes around your shoulders. Finally, ADJUST THE LOAD ADJUSTER STRAPS as needed. Tests carried out by our Research and Development departments on the efficiency of the EasyFit system Ease of design: effective adjustment time 2.3 times shorter with the Easyfit backpack; and number of times you have to readjust = 0 for the Easyfit bag.Does not affect the quality of adjustment compared to a bag with standard adjustment: EasyFit was rated significantly more comfortable in the Friedmann statistical test, 4%; with 6 times as many backpacks correctly adjusted. Environmental measurements DECATHLON and Quechua are committed to providing information about the environmental impact of their hiking backpacks over their entire lifespan. This work follows an experiment that began in July 2011 with the French Ministry of Ecology. Scores ranging from A to E were awarded based on comparisons between Quechua's backpacks only. Details on this project and the calculation methods used are available at http://www.oxylane.com/20/demarche-environnementale How is backpack volume measured? The volume of each backpack is measured using a standardised method: we fill the main compartment as well as each pocket with little balls. Then we empty the balls into a graduated container, which gives us the equivalent volume in litres, with a tolerance of a few %. The empty weight indicated is the weight of our standard model. There may be slight variations.

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